Home Buyers Inspections

Every person buying a home doesn't want any hidden surprises. This is a big investment. You want to make sure of what you are buying.

Home Sellers Inspections

Make sure that you are offering a home with no hidden problems. If you have an inspection before listing it, you can show the buyer a copy of the home inspection that was completed in the last __ days. That might help close the deal.

New Construction Inspections

Not all newly constructed homes are created equal. Some are built very well while others are not. It is wise to verify.

Condo/Townhome Inspections

Much like a home inspection except they're usually smaller, but just as essential.

Apartment Inspections

Investors need to make sure they are the best bang for their buck. You need to make sure that the apartments are as advertised.

Mold/Meth Inspections

You usually can't see the damage from mold or meth. But either one can have a big impact on the home you are buying or selling.

Digital Photos

There will be photos of most all items inspected. There will be 50 to 250 photos per inspection.


The final report is emailed to you. We can also mail you a physical copy upon your request.

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