Myths about Radon and How It Will Affect Your Home’s Price

July 20th, 2013 by JC Home Inspections

#1 Radon Tests Are Expensive And Time Consuming

Since most buyers keep this notion, they are reluctant to check out a home that is potentially in the danger of radon infection. This is why it is a good idea to perform a radon test beforehand.

#2: Homes with Radon Problems Can’t Be Fixed

If there is one reason why radon can prevent the sales of many homes, it is the notion that a radon problem is irresolvable. Although some homes need a more complex setup to eliminate radon gas, the problem is completely solvable in every case. Unfortunately many people are sceptical about this so it is recommended to work on your radon problem before selling your house.

#3: Radon Is Reoccurring

While a radon prevention fixture is like any other fixture in your house that need periodic maintenance, radon problem is not reoccurring if the fixture is inspected from time to time for any potential damages.

It is believed that radon is one of the leading ceases of lung cancer in the United States. The correlation between radon and lung cancer was not exposed for a long time as lung cancer was almost always associated with tobacco usage. However, lung cancer in many non-smokers revealed the startling facts about radon and its effects on people.

Instead of demisting myths about radon, you can work around the problem and come up with a permanent solution to eliminate radon gas and keep a record of things that you did. This way it is easier to convince a potential buyer about the safety and health aspects of your home. Protecting form radon will boost the resale value of your home.

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