Home Inspection or Not – Which Option Do You Prefer?

February 5th, 2014 by JC Home Inspections

Once you decide to buy a home and enter into a contract, the process of almost never ending check writing begins. There are numerous essential costs you need to bear, and under such financial stress, the only thing on your mind would be – which expense can I skip? Well, unfortunately a lot of people skip the home inspection process only to realize later that it was the most important of all.

Of course skipping a home inspection will save you a good $300 to $700 invoice, which can be substituted with numerous other essential expenses. I’ll do everything possible myself to check the condition of my house, you might say, but the truth is far from this.

A home inspection is a way ‘Out’

A good quality inspection done can give you some of the most crucial information about the condition of the home as well as its fixtures. This will make you more aware of the repairs, expenses and maintenance that need to be done immediately and those that can wait for some time.

Also, the inspection will give you an accurate idea if the home is worth your money. If you are not convinced with the home condition after an inspection, it is your last chance out of the contract. This means, a simple home inspection can save you thousands of dollars and give you great peace of mind in the long run.

Unfortunately, a lot of home buyers skip this step only to save an invoice, but later regret buying the property for a price way above its worth. A home inspection on the other hand is an expense of course, but is worth your money.

So Which Option do you prefer? Taking up an inspection or skipping the process to save a few dollars?