4 Ways To Make Money With Home Inspection

August 7th, 2013 by JC Home Inspections

Now this is no misleading title but a home inspection to a great extent can protect your investment, help you save money and also make some. That’s right! You might be thinking that this is crazy, but believe us – IT WORKS!

4 Ways On How You Can Make Money With Home Inspection:

  1. Maintenance – A home inspector can help you calculate all the maintenance expenses that may not have come to your notice when you were inspecting your home. This means, you will be able to get an accurate budget for your future expenses in the house. This calls of any unseen or emergency expenses, saving you a great deal.
  2. Avoid pitfalls – A home inspector will let you know if a house is worth its quoted price based on the condition of the structure and the fixture inside it.  If you listen to a home inspector, you can save thousands of dollars which may be spent on something that was just not worth it.
  3. Better recommendations – The inspector will also help you choose or rather suggest ideas on certain installations with which you can save a lot of your electricity, water, cooling and heating. This indirectly will help you to literally mint money through savings.
  4. Avoid legal hassles – A home inspector will help you to identify any extensions or modifications in the house that is done without legal permit. This is a crucial part of home inspection, as it will save you thousands which may be spent on authorities to sort out legal issues.

Making sure that you get a home inspection done is the best way to save as well as make some serious money.

4 Affordable Way To Make Your Kitchen Brand New

August 3rd, 2013 by JC Home Inspections

If you are planning to sell your house but do not want to invest massively on creating a new kitchen, do not worry. Renovation is more about creative ideas than the amount spent. You can get a fancy looking kitchen that can sell more than the most expensive one.

A kitchen is mostly about the right accessories and placement of fixtures that can make or kill its beauty. You can still make your kitchen look a million dollar one without spending a fraction of what you might expect.

Here Are 4 Easy Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Brand New:

  1. Lighting – Adding new and bright lighting can make any space big and spacious. Make sure you get bright lightings installed. Even wired lightings can make the kitchen look new and contemporary.
  2. Glass – If you have outdated colored glass cabinets, you need to replace it with new clear or textured glass. Glass cabinets will make your kitchen look new and fresh. Clear glass is inexpensive and can really make your kitchen look clean and uncluttered.
  3. Window coverings – if you have curtains on your window, you need to replace them with fresh fabric. The fresh new cloth can add to the beauty of the kitchen. Choose bright colors that will make your kitchen look spacious and modern.
  4. Clean – A clean kitchen is always preferred by anyone. This doesn’t take money at all. All you need to do is to put on your gloves and get down to scrubbing and cleaning. A clean kitchen will make it look new and spacious.


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Hitting The Market? It’s Time To Get Working!

July 27th, 2013 by JC Home Inspections

With the real estate market getting as competitive as it can, the more prepared you are, the more likely it is for your house to sell.

What is pre-listing Home inspection?

Before you get your house on the real estate map, it’s highly important that you go for a pre-listing home inspection. Pre-listing inspection is not a new concept, but is becoming increasingly common with the slow rate in real estate rates. A Pre-home inspection gives you a firsthand knowledge about the sales potential of your house, before you can put up your price tag. It’s also a great way for you to know if you want to invest in any new improvements or want to adjust the sales price to reflect the estimated costs on repairs and replacements. Either way, a prelisting home inspection is a great idea to avoid any unexpected circumstances down the line.

Meet the inspector two months before listing.

Most home buyers go ahead and start with repairs and replacements that they find important and then call for inspection only to know that they need to redo the entire stuff. Why not call the inspector two months before the entire repair to know what’s of utmost importance and what’s not?

A home inspector will give you an early-stage advice on which fixture to get replaced and what can wait for some time. He can also give some guidance on the aesthetic aspect of the house, and what may please the home-lookers. Suggestions right from the paint in every room to the lights, kitchen equipments and the entire look of your house can be given a touch of professionalism before you can put it up for sale.

A pre-inspection is the best way to know and increase the value of your house, before you can list you price in the market.

The Importance Of A Home Inspection

July 13th, 2013 by JC Home Inspections

Unlike everything that you shop for from the mall, you cannot go for a ‘try-and-buy’ strategy for a home buying process. If you are a first time home buyer, you will never be able to judge the quality of a house just by looking at it or visiting it once. The quality of the house depends on a lot of factors that includes plumbing, electrical, foundation strength and more.

Although, you can judge the aesthetics and the interior decoration, what lies beneath it can never be guessed. Unless you are not a professional at this game, you can never be able to tell if your investment is a real bargain or is someone stealing away from you.

Home Inspection – The Value Of Knowledge

A home inspection is the best way to make sure that you are investing in something really worth your money. A home inspection will help you decide whether you need to accept the home as it is, should you be willing to make changes or keep looking for other properties.

The first thing that a home inspection will let you know is whether the property is safe to occupy. Once it is certain that it is safe, it is inspected for its structural condition. This includes the foundation, roof, interior and exterior walls, siding, yard, garden and surrounding areas.

Once the structural pattern has been inspection, it is then scanned for any wiring, plumbing, drainage, heating and cooling system functioning. This is done so that you know the amount or extent of repair and replacement that may come in future. This is also great to help you fix your budget for the same.